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2nd Blogcon (2013)

The Second Baguio Blog Conference as it was known then, was organized by me, “A” with the help of my ladies, Sam and Xine and of course my husband, “O“.

Second Baguio Blog Conference

It happened on May 11, 2013 and was held in Azalea Residences Baguio as they were our official hotel partner. Our official media partners were When In Manila and 96.7 K-Lite. Our official telecom partner was SMART Communications. Our sponsors were Unilab, Sun Cellular, Happy Bunny Photo Booth and Garden Balloons.

I did promo for this by going on local tv shows and going on a radio talk show.😅 It was a whole thing, such fun times. Literally, this was way before blogging was a thing.😁 Yes, I’m old but “O” is older.😂

In those days, there weren’t a lot of bloggers from Baguio, apart from the handful of us who have already been blogging for years, most of the bloggers then were new and have yet to start monetizing their blogs, this is why there was a need to do a part 2 of the Baguio Blog Conference.

So, if for the First Baguio Blog Conference we talked about the basics of blogging and the possibility of making a profit from it, for the Second Baguio Blog Conference, we did just that.

We gathered bloggers from Manila who were already established in their own niches, already earning from collaborations with brands and utilizing SEO to earn passive income from their blogs and we asked them to share what they know in the hopes of inspiring more people to share their passion while at the same time emphasizing the need for creative writing as opposed to just randomly typing out words in the hope that someone will understand it. No. Blogging should be more than that and that’s where creative writing comes in.

For Ethical Blogging, Vincent of Lakbay Baguio talked about the basic ethics of blogging. You know, how you shouldn’t take credit for someone else’s written work or post a photo you’ve randomly come across on the internet – because that’s stealing. He also talked about blogging for passion as opposed to blogging for money, because he believed that if you blog solely for money, in the long run, it will not be sustainable.

For Niche Blogging, we tapped Micaela Rodriguez of Micamyx and, who is now a published author, check out her book “Badette: Adventures of a Tabloid Newbie”. She talked about her experience in blogging and how her passions led her to find her specific blogging niches.

Micaela Rodriguez

For Photoblogging, our very own Uncle Dean Cuanso, took on the challenge and talked to us about sharing photos though blogging because then if you’re a photographer not only can you capture a moment and immortalize it into a photo, your photo blog doubles as your portfolio as well.

Dean Cuanso on Photo Blogging

For Creative Writing, our very own Omeng Fallarme, talked about how you can turn an ordinary blog post into an extraordinary one that will not only capture your target market’s attention but also entice collaborators to work with you without it becoming too commercialized or off putting.

For Travel Blogging, we invited seasoned travel blogger, Yoshke Dimen of The Poor Traveler, who started out writing about his travels for his corporate job back then, today, The Poor Traveler is one of (if not the number 1) the Philippines’ most popular travel blog and he now has a team and they have traveled to literally almost all the continents of the world, don’t believe me? Check out their blog and see for yourself. Anyway, back then, he talked about travel blogging, his humble beginnings and his tips and tricks on how to save money and make the most of your travels and obviously, it works because 11 years later (since 2013) and their blog is still thriving!

Yoshke Dimen on Travel Blogging

Digital Marketing Coach and Training Consultant, Ben Francia, gave us insights on SEO and blogging, if you’re still at a loss for what SEO is and why it’s important to a blog, I suggest you focus on your writing because “Content will always be King” and if you don’t understand that still, in 2024, well, I guess that’s why we’re here and watch out for Northcon 7!

Ben Francia on SEO and Blogging

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