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Colorful Strokes of Luck

Baguio Chinoy Mural inauguration, 22 May 2024

By some stroke of luck, the recently concluded Baguio Chinoy Mural inauguration was also a stroke of representations as much as, for “lack” of a more “circumstantial” term and as a fitting “fortuity”, it was some twist of fate. To begin with, the mural is literally and figuratively strokes of colors representing two cultures and their unifying heritages as if it was indeed destiny.

To paint a representation is to present it through varied yet blending strokes. “Unluckily” or in all probability sounding more like “and luckily”, by some “serendipity”, it “stroked” the woke people to connect it to another issue (a current political issue that is) as “fate” would have it. However, it’s “by chance” instead to represent that “good fortune” which it is representing in the first place. Let us rather focus on the “fortunate” event and the “contingency” it’s offering.

In the inauguration (and on the stroke of representations), it was attended and represented well by the proponents of this undertaking. And as if it’s some moral compass that’s pointing out where we ought to be, its location is at a “kanto” (corner) around Canto resto and redirecting it further are CANTOnese-Filipinos in the persons of the Filipino-Chinese Community Executive Committee Chairperson, Mr Peter L. Ng and the mural’s lead artist Mr Chino Chow, both representing the essence of it. Now, “CANTO” think of anything better to explain about that destiny shown? If that sounded “destined nation”, it probably is. Like how the event cornered (gathered) representatives for all its worth, it represented continuity of mutual patronage beneficial for the city in general and how Baguio is destined to be a peaceful and a liberated community as we are now and a more liberating society as we could and should be.

“Always a step forward… right Ms Sam…”

Representing the line of succession, both for the program and the collective bequest corresponding with the responsibility and commitment it entails was the event host himself, Mr Jeff Ng. From the Mayor’s office, it was represented by its Chief of Staff, Ms Samantha Hamada. The other city officials were likewise well represented, City Councilor Joe Molintas was in attendance. For tourism, the City Tourism Officer, Mr Alec Mapalo was there. Representing the creative council were Ms Venus Tan and Mr Art Tibaldo. Attending the event as well, from the Baguio Museum was Ms Stella De Guia. From the political spectrum for that of the artists’ representation, City Councilor Leandro Yangot was all over. Supporting the cause not just for the concerned barangay but for the community as a whole, Burnham-Legarda Barangay Captain Teodoro Castro was also present. The Filipino-Chinese Community business sector was also represented by various business entities who were likewise supportive enough to lend a helping hand. Speaking of which, Boysen Philippines generously painted a picture of the essence of liberality.

Representing the “wall of talents”, (r-l) Chino, Edmund, Jamil, Ged and the PETERlandtrophist…

Providing further artistic touch were also the mural artists themselves, Edmund Andrada, Ged Alangui, Jamil Adaclog among others. Media personalities of different outfits and networks were witnesses as well… Different and colorful folks of different strokes, nevertheless and all of whom, represented everything the mural was about. Beyond the artistry and creativity it’s representing for the city’s creative designation, it was more of the message it is conveying: peace and freedom. 

“Best – to – Wall, Bestowal”

Depicting not just a long standing history of independence and interdependence, liberty and liberality, it’s also for continuity as cited-above. Much like a passing on of a legacy as if a depictive bestowal of a colorful corroboration, the seasoned predecessors of the Filipino-Chinese community are outwardly conferring the carrying on of the very essence of being one with Baguio to the Filipino-Chinese youth and for the next generations to come and for the whole of Baguio. Founded on a deeper meaning which goes beyond the subcontext of peace and freedom paving the way, its objective is to continuously substantiate the harmonious settlement of what has been and what may be, much like how the new found freedom of the earliest Filipino-Chinese settlers found through the warmth and welcoming demeanor of Baguio and its locals as we’re not cold(hearted) and hot(headed) but rather cool and warm people. Together, more than a stroke of luck, we are as colorful as we are creative. We are Baguio. Together, we Breathe Baguio.

More photos:

“Boys Scene: No ‘P’ as it should be ‘SP’, but more than for Superior Performance, it’s for the right Stroke for Painting”
“No Parking but there’s Parkway… as Mr Fernando Tiong finds a way”
“A cut above for tourism as ALEC might as well stand for Above Liberality in Enacting Creativity”

*Due to the rains, the mural is a work in progress thus, it’s not 100% done just yet…

Fil-Chi Community Chairperson, Mr Peter L. Ng with other ExeCom members and city officials
Indeed, when it rains, “eat force”… In full force, we ate at Canto restaurant right after. Thank you to the Filipino-Chinese community for your generosity…

**Gaining some nourishment and recharging, the mural will be done in due time…

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