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An Open Letter to Every Woman: Navigating Life’s Journey with Grace and Courage

In honor of International Women’s Month this March, I’d like to share an open letter to all women navigating their journeys through life. Despite being 32 years old, soon to be 33, I’ve faced my own challenges, as have many of us. Here are some thoughts I’d like to pass on to my fellow women.

1. It’s okay to ask for help

You can strive to be the strong, independent woman you aspire to be while also accepting help when needed. In my nearly year-long marriage, I’ve come to value partnership, particularly with my husband. Last year, as a college instructor juggling multiple jobs (I’m no longer teaching), I realized the importance of reaching out for support. Remember, it’s okay to ask for help. Delegating tasks is not a sign of weakness but working smart.

2. Mindfully curate your social media consumption

Take charge of what you absorb, particularly on social media. Despite my role as a social media manager, I emphasize the importance of seeking out content intentionally and maintaining control over your perception. Consider embracing JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) rather than succumbing to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

3. Embrace the journey of perpetual growth

I’ve found immense fulfillment in embracing my identity as a perpetual learner, savoring each new experience, and fueling my entrepreneurial dreams while constantly striving for personal advancement. Specifically, I’ve maintained my role as a virtual assistant and marketing consultant, overseeing the social media presence of various brands. However, now I’m eager to embark on a more creative path. In 2022, I established Notable Maria, a platform to showcase and sell my handcrafted stationery goods. Fast forward to 2024, and I’m fully committed to pursuing this venture with unwavering passion and dedication. It’s a thrilling journey of self-discovery and artistic expression, and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

4. Find meaningful connections

“I found my tribe.” Over the past year, I’m deeply grateful for identifying and cultivating meaningful connections. Surround yourself with those who value and invest time in you. Cultivate relationships that are worth nurturing while also being open to taking chances—you never know who might become a constant presence in your life. 

Sharing a special moment below with my blogger companions as we delve into the ‘Women of NorthCon’ project. These incredible individuals have been my unwavering support system throughout our blogging journey, blending camaraderie seamlessly with friendship. Grateful for their steadfast presence in my life! 

5. Take the high road whenever necessary

Embrace being the “bigger person” whenever possible—a lesson ingrained by my late mother, one I hold dear. Despite life’s conflicts, I’ve found solace and peace by taking the high road. While regrets may linger, my conscience remains clear. In the face of life’s injustices, it’s vital to elevate ourselves, drawing strength from prayer and trust in something greater. What we deserve will come with SMART THINKING and HARD WORK.

To sum it all up, what does it truly entail to embody womanhood (aside from being a mother-in my case as I am not yet one)? It encompasses all that I mentioned above: the ability to seek and embrace assistance when needed, adeptness at managing perceptions amid the social media landscape, a commitment to perpetual learning, the cultivation of supportive relationships, and ultimately, the choice to take the higher path not as a surrender, but as a testament to one’s own dignity. It involves acknowledging fate and trusting in divine guidance towards a path of greater fulfillment.

What further advice would you offer to all the women out there? In fact, what pearls of life wisdom do you wish to impart to everyone? Let’s foster a culture of mutual assistance and support. Let’s HELP EACH OTHER.

Thank you to the amazing team of NorthCon for coming up with this project to highlight women of our blogging community. 

Concept by Macky Benj, Makeup by Paolo San Juan, Location: Hotel Supreme, Photography: BenP Photography

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3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Every Woman: Navigating Life’s Journey with Grace and Courage”

  1. I have FOMO!😅 Lalo na when it comes to my kids’ life, even though I know that I’m already such a big part of their lives, I want to always be included in the conversation so to speak, if that makes sense.😅

    Regarding asking for help – I know I should but, I don’t know if it’s a me problem, maybe 😂, but I’m such a perfectionist and it bothers me when I ask for help and whatever I need help with is not done the way ‘it’s supposed to’ – by my standards, so I end up redoing it, tapos magagalit ako kasi if I only did it myself then I wouldn’t have to redo it, so yeah, I’m the problem.😂

    Taking the high road is so hard to do, I also tell my children to do this even though most of the time I don’t.😂

  2. True. There are certain people you can truly trust. Being an independent woman, I try to do things myself first unless necessary to ask for help . Now, I learned to choose who to trust and who to share my pains and triumphs with. Truly God and your “tribe” will love you unconditionally.

  3. Liezl Formilleza-Dunuan

    Thank you, Rae! Continue to inspire other women and content creators by doing what you love and sharing what you know.

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